Thursday, December 03, 2009

Back to the real world

We have survived NaNo! I managed 200,775 words on three first drafts. Lots of work to do on them, but I'm really happy with two already. I was really happy to be finished, too. I love it -- bit one month is more than enough. And now it's time to get back to the rest of the insanity of my life.
Today was synopsis and send day for an older work. It should have been out before now, and the end of the year isn't the best time for sending something off -- but I'm going to do it anyway. Getting something ready to go always takes me a lot of time, so I have to get everything else cleared out first. I rewrote a synopsis. And it's about to go off, so I won't sit and pick at it... and not send it out at all. I can do that quite easily if I let myself.

Not this time.

I hit my arm yesterday and it's still sore. Interesting bruise, too. And it is VERY cold here tonight. I'm ready to go crawl into bed and sleep. So, I'm getting this posted (late) and sleeping (late).
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Crash said...

How do you write so much in so little time? That's absolutely astonishing.

I tried a NaNoWriMo-esue challenge in February last year - I ended up 10000 words short of the 50000 word target. You did more then 6000 words a day by my guess...i mean, the cats good but he aint that good.

I'd be curious about how you go about maintaining your own discipline like that.
Nice blog.