Thursday, March 05, 2009

A bit more of Kat...

This a picture from the De Soto Wildlife Refuge, where Russ and I went this last weekend.

I had a good weekend with Russ home. Sure hope we can do that more often over the next few months. Winter was very hard for both of us. Having a chance for Russ to come home more often again is a good feeling.

I love my new computer. The only problem I'm having at all is that I forgot my LJ password. I had it last week. It's gone this week. Brain just will not track. I think I've just had too much going on.

I finally got Vision posted today. Between the new computer and Russ being home, I just couldn't get it done in time. But it is finished now and posted. I'm relieved. And, amazingly, I am caught up on my writing as well. Kat Among the Pigeons has been a joy to work on, but a lot rougher than I expected it to be. Good thing to be working on, I guess.
What else has been going on? Nothing really. The weather is finally improving, so I'll be out doing walks again soon. That will help a lot!

And here we have another, short snippet from Kat Among the Pigeons. I hope you enjoy it!

"I think there's something more going on, Cato," I said at last. "I think something pushed those trolls through on purpose. And that means a lot of trouble for us."

"Why would someone do that?" he asked. He sat down and cleaned a paw, looking thoughtful.

"I don't know, and that's what worries me. Maybe it's just pixies playing games. They have no sense of the trouble they can create when they do stuff. Think of nuthatches with magic."

"Ugh. That's not a pleasant thought," he said. He rubbed against my leg. "Can we go home now?"

"We're going to fly again you know."

"I know. I just want to get back to our nice, quiet house."

"The one with the cans of tuna."

"That would be the one," he agreed.

He made me laugh again. I finally forced myself to move down the hillside and out of direct view of The Edge. We had to get some distance before I did magic again, or who knew what might happen. I'd tempted fate a few too many times already.

We startled some elk -- though not as much as they startled Cato who leapt, fluffed, hissed and spat at the animals.

"Yeah, that's going to scare them," I said to him, trying not to laugh again.

"They ran, didn't they?" he said, and dared me to tell him it was not because of his bravery.

"Good point. I think about another half mile should be good enough." I looked back and could still see a glint of the light.

Cato didn't argue. Of course he would pretty much agree to anything for half a can of tuna. I don't like to say that he's easy to bribe, but if you know his price....
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