Thursday, August 02, 2007


This is the first day I've worked to a new schedule in an attempt not to fall too far behind on anything again. I have a fancy little list, with seven or eight things written out for every single day of the week. Some of them are normal things like write, picture a day, and walk. I won't forget the first, and I've only been late on the second a couple times... but walk gets lost, and it's plainly what I need to do the most. So on the list it goes, with a little spot for a check mark next to it.

I have one room a day slated to be cleaned. I have things like FM, DTF, DAZ all set up for one or two times a week to specifically work on them... not that I won't work on them other days as well, but those are for the things that I keep putting off for lack of time, like the FM FAQ.

There are a few other things on the list that are fun, though. Zoo pictures, Painter work (like the picture there -- a painting of the sunset tonight. I think it came out very nicely!), and Blog updates -- which is why I'm doing this right now. It's the last thing on my list for today, and I'll have done all eight items. I could have cleaned the living room better, but at least it's a start! And I didn't add enough to my personal website, which is about to undergo a huge change, but at least it's something.

Otherwise I stay here at this little computer for far too long.

The new job is still taking a lot of my time, but I've enjoyed it so far. And having this schedule so I don't forget the other work will help.

My writing count is coming back up again, finally. I'm working on a nice little YA science fiction story that I don't think will go more than another two or three thousand words, so I should be done with it soon. Then I'm going to get back to some of the serious work, like A Plague of Rats. I'm looking forward to it! And I want to go back to work on the notes for Draw the Line, that science fiction story I had started getting ideas for before the DAZ job hit and everything escaped my brain for a couple weeks.

But things are looking good right now.

At least if I can keep to my schedule.
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cherylp said...

A schedule makes sense, given that much of what you're doing is job-related. Whether it's fun or not is immaterial! It wasn't until I set up a list of things to accomplish at work (I make a list for each day) that I experienced some real peace and relief from stress. If it's on my list, it's on my radar--I'm no longer afraid I'll forget to do it; no longer afraid it'll fall by the wayside. I've accomplished more in the past six months than the six months preceding--and I didn't worry all the time that I wasn't get anything done. What you're getting done is right there in black and white--and you can no longer tell yourself you're not getting anything done--or fool yourself when you're putting something off because you don't want to do it! (grin)

Valerie Comer said...

Hey, Zette? Have you checked out You may find her approach to keeping up on housework to be a help. I know I have.