Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long day leading to nowhere

How did this day get so completely away from me? It's amazing. I was working away on stuff, and next thing I know, it's midnight. I fought off a weather-related headache. I think I must have just gone into a trance or something for part of the day, because the hours disappeared. I'll blame it on the weather.

Which, in the end, at least gave me this lovely rainbow, so it wasn't all bad. Sure, we're under a flash flood watch, but we have been for days now. And yes, we're going to have yet more thunderstorms tomorrow. It's been an odd summer for weather.

I am still pretty much working to my list. I am a bit behind today, but more caught up than I have been in a couple days. I was without Internet for about 30 hours early this week. I had no idea I could get so far behind in one day without the ability to do my work online. Amazing.

Writing is taking some odd turns lately. That's good, of course. I'm enjoying a couple really strange projects right now. One of them would almost have to be called a Journal of Questions to myself. It's all because of the Great Books of the Western World series. I started reading the very short intro book and by the time I got through the preface I was convinced that it's time to read them all. This is no small undertaking. We're talking maybe a ten year project. But it's either that or admit that I just have them for show. I have NEVER owned books just for show. These won't be the first.

And I want to learn things. I'm convinced that the more a person learns, the better she writes -- not to mention the better she understands the world. I'm amazed by the stuff in Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. I've read nine volumes so far, and I'm heading into the last four (the mammal section) in the next few days. The realization that I am going to be done with it in the next few months started me looking toward the next big reading project.

In writing, I'm working mostly on A Plague of Rats and the final edits for the last Dark Staff book. Oh, and on Vision, of course. Lots of stuff to get done there. And working on the background material for Draw the Line. I'm sure there are a few other projects in there as well. It would be good if I could really concentrate on any one of them, of course, but bouncing around has been fun for me in the past. Eventually one of the projects will leap up and take over my brain and the others will wait their turn again. I am just over 39,000 words on A Plague of Rats, which means it is probably coming close to that break point where I suddenly want to see it to the end.

And I want to finish the edits on the Dark Staff book. The idea of being done with all eight volumes is kind of heady. I think I have about sixty pages left to edit is all. What a great weight that will lift!

Okay, that's it. I'm going to post this and move on to the next thing on my list!

At least with the list I can fool myself into thinking I'm making progress. (grin)
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Writing Angel said...

You are making progress! It sounds great. :)