Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back from the zoo!

This is a lovely snow leopard.

I went to the zoo today (Wednesday). It was mostly great, and I came back with some wonderful pictures, as usual. I am so looking forward to buying the new camera, though. I love the pictures from this one, but the new version of the camera has some useful new features that I really could have used today. Now that I have a job, I think I'll have it in a couple months, providing we don't have any new major problems!

I also could have used a personal shield wall to avoid the running and screaming three to five year olds who were everywhere. One came running straight at my tripod, obviously intending to grab it. I yanked the tripod and case out of the way barely in time, and badly twisted my leg doing it. It's hurt every since.

And the mother glared. That's the part I don't get. Apparently, apologizing for your kid being a little too wild is far worse than being rude.

I had to sit down for more than half an hour before I could put weight on my leg again, and I hobbled through the next four hours with a lot of muttering and ill-thoughts about rude people and untrained kids. I think it worked. I wasn't bothered much by anyone after that!

I came home to a ton of work, and a very busy five days ahead, which includes the DAZ newsletter, Vision, updating the FM site for the new month, the Labor of Love/Unfinished Business Dare, and company from out of town. I am not taking part in the dare unless something changes. Vision may be a day or two late, too.

But I got good pictures, so all isn't lost. I just hope I can get a little more work done here tonight and then I'll limp off to bed for a few hours. Soon, I hope.

Writing is going well enough, except for today. I was counting on doing the dare to bring my numbers up for the month and the year, but I just don't see how I could fit it in. In fact, I suspect my writing totals are going to take a bad drop instead. It's just been one of those years where I can't seem to get a straight run at writing. I don't know what I'm going to do for NaNo this year!

And that's it. Time to get back to work on other things so I can crawl off to bed and probably sleep all day tomorrow!
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Jean said...

What a gorgeous snow leopard.

I'm with you on the kid thing. Not everyone loves the little darlings, and we don't appreciate them careening into everything screaming just because they're "being kids." They're being obnoxious brats. If you're a parent who allows that or has to endure it, recognize that the rest of the adult world doesn't appreciate it and either fix the problem (I recommend 30 gallon yard bags with a good seal -- hmmm, maybe I can get ZipLock to develop some) or accept that you're going to get nasty looks sometimes.

Sheesh. I hope your leg feels better soon, Zette.

Gabriele C. said...

I'd have demanded to have her name and sue her for whatever damage that kid did to my equipment or body.

I did it once. Not that I was hurt beyond a nasty bruise, but it scared the beejuzes out of her when I told her I'd see a doc because her brat knocked some toy into my leg so bad it bled. I bet she had no Damage Insurance though you're supposed to have one here if you have kids.