Friday, June 22, 2007

Off to have fun

I will be away from the house today. Russ and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary with a trip to a local wildlife refuge. (You can guess who made that choice, right?)

I'm looking forward to getting away from the house for a few hours. There's no telling how long this might take. Sometimes we're only gone for a few hours, and sometimes for most of the day.

I have camera ready and Russ is almost ready to go. This should be fun!
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Carter said...

28 years! Woo-hoo! Congratulations, not many make it that far any more. We just had our 27th in May.

Writing Angel said...

Congrats on the 28 years! Congrats Carter on the 27 years, too. I'm getting married next year after 6 years together. :)

cherylp said...

Congratulations! Makes mine and Greg's ten years look altogether paltry. Hope you enjoy the day, but I know you will, a wildlife refuge, what's not to like?

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you had a great time.