Monday, June 11, 2007

Not well

I haven't been around much -- including missing Friday's Snippets -- because I was too ill to really do much of anything. Russ had been sick a couple weeks ago, and it looked as though I was coming down with the same thing. Unfortunately, it hit me in a different way, and my blood pressure went way high (210 over 180).

Trust me, when your blood pressure is that high, you're not much good for anything. I've barely written 500 words a day and spent most of my time in bed.

It's down about 60 points today, which means I will not be heading to the hospital. That's always good news. And I have blood pressure medications again, which I couldn't get for about two months -- also contributing to the problem, of course.

I am mostly really tired. I don't know that I'll be back for this Friday's rounds, either, though I hope to be better by then.

Meanwhile, I'm going to rest.


Writing Angel said...

Rest up and get well! Love the picture.

Pandababy said...

Sending you Tinkerbell dust and happy thoughts! Take care.

Jean said...

Rest is good. Hope to see you up and about soon.