Saturday, December 30, 2006

So, it's still 2006, right?

My left knee hurts. A lot. I'm not sure what I did to it, but it started giving me problems yesterday and it's worse today. I'm doing my best to ignore it and just play with pictures and stuff.

My art-related site ( is down. I can't upload my regular journal.

I am only about 450 words short of reaching one million for the year, so that's good. I'll probably have it before I go to bed. I'm also down to the last three chapters to outline for Mirrors 2, which is also good. Besides finishing it, there's only the rewrite of Joey Mousekin's Tale that I started just the other day and is going very well.

Can I get together another three or four submissions before the end of 2006? Maybe so. I should have done one today, but I just couldn't seem to get focused enough on something like that. I did get some art done, though. And that was fun.

Other than that? It's almost 2007 and I haven't a clue what story I'm going to start writing on the first. I also don't have Vision put together because my poor copyeditor is having connection problems and hasn't gotten the material back to me yet.

Ack. 2006, right?

But we'll get there.

Edited to add:

Russ has a job tonight out at the comedy club where he announces for them. Just enough money to get us through the weekend, so it was quite welcome.

The car won't start.

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