Thursday, December 28, 2006

Paint Shop Pro XI

The program arrived today. Yay! And then it wouldn't load. Of course it wouldn't. This is still 2006, right?

We eventually figured out the problem and loaded it up tonight. I love this program. I had the trial download back in October, and I've missed it ever since. But now it's back, and I can do silly things like this picture... and some pretty serious stuff, too. I can play with it all I want. And Painter, which I love. It's nice to finally have a couple fun things to end the year out.

It would be nice if the email now worked. I can't get Outlook to open. I figure a restart on the computer is probably in order.

So, I now have more graphic programs than a writer should own. I really didn't need a second adiction, but you know... it's been pretty fun so far. It's not helping me with some much needed words the last few days, but I'll get there.

I am having horrible connection problems, too. We think they might be on our end this timea nd we're working on the problem... but Russ is working a lot of hours this week, so it might be a while before we get it cleared up.

But hey, I have my graphics programs, and I have my writing. I'll keep busy. Posted by Picasa


Pandababy said...

Yum! This reminds me of my favorite toy - a kalidoscope.

Here's to a Bright, New, Beautiful 2007 filled with love, healthy kitties, and many rewards.

Zette said...

It is the kalidoscope filter for PSP that I used to make that one. It's just a cute little thing that you can't use very often, but I liked it!

And I hope you have a happy new year as well! I just hope there's some sort of magical change when it hits!