Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not the kind of thing you see everyday

I took this picture a few months ago, but I haven't sorted through the zoo pictures for that trip yet. I'm so far behind!

Anyway, that's a spider monkey riding on the back of a baird's tapir. I happened to be standing there when he leapt down and caught the ride while the tapir walked along munching on the food. It was wonderful!

You never know what you're going to see at the zoo. I'm just grateful that I'm always readywith the camera. It's not a great shot, but it's not the kind of shot you get many chances at.

I might yet a chance to sort through the pictures yet this year. Who knows. I'd love to update the zoo blog.

And I have another new blog. Go check out Zette's Storybook. I have a holiday story up! (grin)

And, in even more amazing news, the 2YNY2 book is for sale at HolyShop

Yes, it's done. It's there. I have my life back.

Well, except that there are around 50 people signed up to the new class so far, but that's all right. I have everything ready for it. That's about the only thing I can say for the upcoming year. I don't know what I'm going to start writing on January 1 yet. I better start thinking about it, right?

Anyway, enjoy the picture and enjoy the story on the other blog. Posted by Picasa

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