Monday, May 08, 2017


My schedule for now looks pretty solid:

Picture of the Day post.  Every picture was taken that day and posted at  I started on 1/1/2007 and haven't missed a day yet.  Fun stuff to do!)

Blog Post, Joyously Prolific: (That's here)

Tuesday AND Thursday:
A chapter on my Wattpad project.  The first one is Circe's Gifts:

Post current 2YN class on Facebook .  Post a Flash Fiction on Joyously Prolific:

Also, of course, is the big one: write every day.  I have done this for decades already, and I don't see any reason to stop now.  It's what I do both as a job and for the pure joy of it.  Writing for me includes editing, rewriting, formatting and even, on occasion, publishing.

I have other things that will drop in there as well.  I have a couple things I truly need to get done that don't have a lot to do with writing (mostly copying Vision articles into the right location), and I want to start doing them on a regular basis, but I don't want to make them part of the schedule.  Not yet. 

Oh, and of course there is the hieroglyph stuff.  I am still doing a little on that every day and still really enjoying it.  As I've mentioned here and a few other places, this is absolutely the most useless thing I've ever set out to learn, and I love it. 

On Saturday we picked up more note cards and some nice note card dividers that I can write the proper hieroglyphs on.  I am going to be redoing a bunch of cards now that I have a better grasp of how to write the letters.  I am amazed, really, that I am still this enthusiastic so far into the study.

I am also preparing to organize notes for my NaNo 2017 books.

I have one big problem, though.  One I may have mentioned before, but it is staring me in the face right now.  I can write, re-write, edit, format, make book covers, go over everything a dozen more times ... but when it comes to the point where I should publish, I freeze.  I am not even certain why, to be honest.  I know some people won't like the book.  You cannot write something that will please everyone.  I know that it will not be perfect.  I can accept that someone will find problems.

But I am sitting here with Raventower 2.  It's done.  I need to put the TOC in and get the ISBN and that's it.  Done. Ready to go.  And I have let it sit there for about a month as though something fantastic is going to happen if I leave it alone.

Ugh.  Hate to get to this state and lately it happens any time a novel edges over towards 'publish me now' areas.    You'd think after so many that I'd get over it.  But I don't.

But ... I just published it anyway.  Just now.  Did it, got it out of my hands and I can move on with my life.  I'll do a post for it in a couple days when I'm sure it will be up on Amazon and (already) on Smashwords.

So I guess I can stop complaining, right?

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