Monday, May 15, 2017

Another (manic) Monday

Welcome to another Monday in my crazed life.  Circe's Gifts is moving along so well that I will be putting up more than two chapters a week soon.  Raventower 2 is published.  I am starting to look at future works for Wattpad, and realizing I will be publishing Circe's Gifts as an ebook before too long.

Really, not too bad at all.  But I am in bouncy mode, mostly.  Lots of stuff going on and I want to do it all. And then I get headachy and annoyed and have to fight to do anything.  And then bouncy again.  I like bouncy.

I'm also working with the Topaz Studio beta graphics program.  So far I'm really impressed, though it does take a lot of my time because I want to play with it.  I can't do everything that Photoshop can do, but it does have a wonderful array of adjustments and additional add ins that make this one fun to play with if you like this sort of thing.  I do, and I've always been impressed with Topaz Labs programs.

I see interesting book covers in the future.

What I don't see much of at the moment is new story stuff.  I have four ideas for NaNo in November, but I haven't been able to get anything moving there.  I think that's simply because I've been focusing on getting other things done and out of the way.  Well, they're done, mostly.  Hello?  Ideas?  Are you out there?

Yes, actually, they are.  I just need to focus on them again.  It's not as though the stories have disappeared. These are the ones that have stayed in my brain for quite a while already, so I'm pretty certain they're going to last all the way through the outline phase and on into writing stuff.  I'll likely get to at least one of them before NaNo unless I spend the rest of the year rewriting older material.  That might happen.  I'm enjoying Wattpad as an easy step toward publication with the hope of finding people interested enough to read the book and maybe buy a couple others.  Oh and it would be nice if they pointed out problems they saw in the text.  I'd be very happy with that happening.

I am working a bit today at getting my photo studio set up again.  It's not a permanent set up, but I've been doing a little at a time clearing out the space where I want to work.  I hope to get it all ready by mid-week.  I won't be able to leave it up because of the cats, but I hope to have a place where I can quickly put things together whenever I have the urge -- and the time.

Oh, and another story idea just hit.  Maybe I can work it into one of the others?  Yes, actually, I think I can.  In fact, I think this might be a missing piece of the Lost City story.  It also has a great opening.

Okay, need to think this through and start working up notes and stuff.  On a lot of stuff.

Yeah. Time to get my brain bouncing around again!

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