Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Sign up for the 2014 Two Year Novel Course

Below is the information for the 2014 Two Year Novel Course.  In order to take part, you must be a member of Forward Motion ( which is a free site.

The sign up for the Two Year Novel Course (2YN) is now live. This free course is 104 classes (one a week) and will take you from original idea through publication. The classes have been updated to reflect the trends toward Indie (self) publishing.

What you need for the course:

You need an idea you want to take from the very basics all the way through the steps from expanding the idea, world building, creating outlines, writing, editing, polishing and publishing. This is not a fast class and you will have all the time you need to develop each step. For people who enjoy NaNo, the class structure is set so writing can take place in November (and longer), with a fully-fledged story idea in place. However, this is not aimed directly at NaNo so don't worry if this doesn't appeal to you.

Only people who are serious about writing a novel and who are willing to try different methods of work should sign up. This is two year commitment to your work. Not everything that I present will work for you (or for every novel you write), but you should be willing to try new things as a writer, and you might find ideas that will help you expand your writer's toolbox.

The on line version includes:
1. Weekly class post
2. Question and answer section
3. Member's Only area to post your weekly assignments and get feedback from other members of the class.

The course is free.

To take part, post to this thread. When the private boards are set up and we're ready, I'll give you access to the classes. The first class will be posted in early January, 2014.


Scott W Fischer said...

I've been waiting a very long time for another go at this. Please sign me up (ScottWFischer)

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I just learned about this, but I would love to join when it starts. I just created my account over on fm (Ceej)

ANdrea said...

I just signed up for an account at FM.. So add me (mango1531)

Claire Goverts said...

I'd like to sign up, I'm claire over at FM.

Tara E said...

Just signed up for the site (cmmcgee_writer92). Would love to take part in the class.

Firestorm Nauralagos said...

I would like to join the class; on the site, my name is FirestormNauralagos.