Sunday, December 02, 2012

What happened to zette?

I had a . . . busy November. Yeah, busy is a good term. NaNo, of course (I did 176k), but other things happened as well. We had a major electrical problem that cut a few days off my writing, with people in and out, rewiring, and such. In the midst of that, my beloved Edmond kitten suddenly couldn't walk. Don't worry, he's better now -- but that meant calls to vets at 3 in the morning and emergency trips on Sunday. He developed a problem with his rear left leg, but it's finally cleared up to a limp. He was pretty miserable, though.

There were other things. There were things every week, in fact. Cable, which includes Internet, problems. Trouble here. Trouble there.

I was so looking forward to NaNo because life had been insane before it. Then NaNo hit and it got worse. And now NaNo is over, and I can't say things are much calmer.

I have a ton of things to get done before January 1. Finish two novels, put together the next issue of Vision: A Resource for Writers, finish an outline for the first novel of 2013 (Summerfield 3: Winter Warning looks the likely choice). I am going to put out a collection of teddy bear holiday stories this afternoon, so that will be one thing off the list.

I am going to put together the sign up list for the Two Year Novel Course this afternoon. I stopped doing the live (free) versions a few years ago, but I'm ready to take it back up for a year or two again. This is a big step for me. I hope I can do well with it this time around. I hope I have the time to do more than post the classes and answer any obvious questions.

I also hope to get back to this blog and twitter and stuff. I feel like I've done nothing but run and run and run for awhile. Time to get focused again!

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