Monday, December 17, 2012

Forward Motion, Old and New

Back in October, the Forward Motion for Writers site went through a drastic change as our older program could no longer meet modern security standards.  It's a shame, really -- the site may have seemed clunky to some, but I was fond of it.  The new one still seems to bland to me.  I know that eventually we'll get it spruced up a bit, but there just hasn't been time.  I think that will have to be a 2013 project.

The new version is picking up more members.  Since we have several classes (including a return of the Two Year Novel Course) set for next year, I suspect that we'll have more people joining in soon.  The new site is lively.  I hope to see more people join in to ask writing-related questions, set long and short term goals, or any other writing stuff.

New version:

 Old Version

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Cheryl Peugh said...

Hi. I created a new user ID for the new FM site (basically, I re-used my old user name and password). That worked fine when I set it up, but now I can't get in. I hate to create a brand new user name and password--all my history on the site will be erased. Anything you can do?