Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The VERY Goood Week

Let's start with something I've forgotten to mention: I've just published a new story. This is a sort of prelude to the Devlin novels, with a first person account of how she went from being a port rat to joining the Inner Worlds Council Security force. This is a fun story and only $0.99!
Monday was 'Zette Appreciation Day' at the Forward Motion site, which was wonderful, thoughtful and overwhelming, to be honest. I was dazed all Monday and most of Tuesday. Thank you everyone. That was very, very nice.
Now, here it is Wednesday and Russ's last real work day for the New York company. He goes into the office tomorrow to hand over work laptop and such, but mostly he's done.
He flies home on Saturday.
So, just two months short of five years in this job and it's finally over and he'll be HERE!
Yes, bouncy mood. Very bouncy mood. Using it to clean house, in fact. Get up and move around? Put something away, dust something, clean the floor if you're really, really bouncy. Go out and scrap more old paint off the house. Whatever.
Writing? Oh yes, that stuff. Actually, I had already planned to drop down to about 1k a day until at least October. I'm doing well, really. I actually have part of a NaNo outline done, finally.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.
I have a good feeling about things. And the weather is lovely.
Only a few days left.

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