Thursday, August 09, 2012

It is officially Buffy Bear Day!

Buffy the bear has now been here in the house for a year.  I was NOT looking for another kitten when I heard her crying outside at about 1 am or so.  She had gotten stuck between the house and a door.  I kept hoping mom would show up.  She didn't.  The weather was not good for a kitten outside, so . . .

Yeah, I knew it was going to happen the moment I saw her, of course.  Got a towel and brought her in.  The other cats were better about it than I ever expected.

She was a hellion as a kitten.  At Forward Motion she's generally known as The Demon Cat from Hell.  Russ swore she was raised by snakes because of her spit and nip threat beahvior (see second video).

This was Buffy a year ago:

Oh yeah and this one:

As of today, she's been here a year.  I'd do a video, but I'd have to wake her up.  Yeah, much calmer cat. 

You can see a huge collection of Buffy Pictures Here

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