Friday, August 03, 2012

FM Flash Friday #2: Transgressed



Lazette Gifford

Copyright 2012, Lazette Gifford
I didn't like to do the killing. It wasn't a good one, the young woman so pretty and young. Boss said she transgressed the laws and I knew that meant she had to die. He never tells me what transgressed is but I know it's bad. He don't have me kill no one 'cept those what transgressed.

So I did Cellie, quick and clean with a knife to her heart and walked away, leaving her on the bus bench at the corner. I can hear people screaming but I don't look back. Cops would come next. I don't want to be here for no cops, so I call Boss on the little phone I carry and tell him the job is done. He says I did good but to keep moving. People would ask questions.

So I run for more than a mile, keeping to the alleys, avoiding the cop cars darting here and there looking for me. I know they want me. The cops always say they want to bring me in, if they can catch me. I never let them, but sometimes the game's real hard to play.

The city is all smoggy and my lungs hurt. I want to be back in the building where the air smells sweet and everyone is so polite, even to me. Here, out on the streets, even the bums glare at me, as though they was better. I never knowed why they don't like me. I use to be like them, all dirty and homeless, before the Boss saw me and said he had a place for me. I wish Boss would come out and find places for a few more. He's got a big building. No one would hardly notice if some more homeless live there.

Boss don't want me to talk to him about it, though. Boss is busy. Banking, gambling, numbers -- he's real smart. I don't know why he even bothers with me. I never been smart -- but I am fast and I know how to kill real easy. He says that's a talent mostly lost in this generation. That makes me sound special.

A cop car goes by real slow at the end of the alley. Maybe they know I'm here, hiding in the shadows. They got tricky electronics now and can pick out a body like magic. I look around, trying to decide if I can run, maybe, back the way I come. But there's another cop car.

They stop and cops get out, two sets at both ends of the alley. I can see people standing back beyond the cars, curious and glaring. Why do they glare? They can't see me yet.

The phone beeps softly in my pocket. I pull it out and hit the button, nervous I'll mess up again.


"Yes, sir?"

"I'm listening to the police scanner, Joey. It says they have you cornered in an alley about three blocks away. Is this true?"

I hear a hint of anger in the voice. I bite at my lip and look around. The cops are coming real slow now.

"I'm in an alley and the cops are here. I don't know about three blocks. I'm sorry, sir."

A moment of silence. I know that's bad. Boss doesn't hardly ever have to think for very long like I do.

"They've caught you, Joey. You can't get free and I can't afford to have you taken in."


"Joey, you've transgressed the laws. Do you know what that means?"

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to," I said. My voice stays calm and I carefully put aside the phone. I pulled the little gun I always carry and put it to my head, my finger tightening.

Wish I knew what transgressed was, though. . . .

The End
650 words

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