Monday, July 02, 2012

The Resurrection Stories

I finished Resurrection: Chance and Change a few days ago. The novel flowed. I love working with Scrivener and a good outline. That was the easiest bit of writing I've done in a long time.

The book has four main characters and two parts. The first part, Chance is in the POV of Dabin and Lydyn. The second part, Change, is in the POV of Shandy and Kit. The book is almost 90k, so that worked out very well.

I intend to do more stories and I'll do them all in this 'paired' style, though the POV characters will trade off at times. For instance I have Plague and Pride. In this case, I think it's going to be Lydyn and Shandy (Plague) and Kit and Dabin (Pride).

I thought that was going to be the next set, but I think those stories should be a little farther down the line. They need to have done more of their 'normal' work before then. After that book comes Lies and Lindy, which will pretty much tie everything up.

So . . . .

What would come next?

Rebellion and Rival. I can see two nice stories there.


Chance and Change

Rebellion and Rival

Plague and Pride

Lies and Lindy

Only there's another story I want to tell. Disaster. I already have that one in mind, so what could I pair it with?

Disaster and Danger


Disaster and Darkness

Maybe. But not quite

Hold on . . . .

Disaster and Devlin

The crew of Resurrection get caught up with Devlin's Team on some case. Oh yes. I can see this one.

And they only thought the first half of the book was the disaster.

Chance and Change
Rebellion and Rival
Disaster and Devlin
Plague and Pride
Lies and Lindy

I have a five novel set.

Looks good to me.

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