Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I'm stepping away from Forward Motion . . . .

I'm leaving Forward Motion, at least for a while.  I might be back and I might not, but I almost certainly won't be back for at least a month.

Here is the situation:

For fourteen years, I've worked at FM trying to help writers find their way to publication (and these days that means traditional or Indie).  For nine of those years, I've run the site.  I even ran it off and on during Holly's rule, though most people didn't realize it.  I enjoy the work -- a person has to if she spends that many years at something without pay.  Oddly, this is not about income.  The site doesn't cost much to run these days since we moved to the wonderful Tiger Tech site.  Vision costs more, but that's been my choice.  Yes, I'm a bit low on funds now and having trouble dealing with the current Vision, but that's not the big problem.

The problem is a run of negative returns on my work.  Not income -- I would have loved to see more people support me as a writer, but that is something different.  In the last six weeks or so, I've had four different people tell me in various ways how I am doing things wrong, not helping writers and ruining Forward Motion.

So, I decided it was time to step away.  I have turned the site over to the moderators and now it's up to them to figure out what they think will work at the site.  If you are a member of the site, go ahead and talk to the moderators.  Discuss what you think the site needs.  Be helpful rather than complaining.

I suspect you guys can come up with some interesting things to do.  Good luck and have fun.


Claire Goverts said...

Good luck with whatever you decide. I've run various community websites before and I know the feeling. Some people have nothing better to do than tear down the efforts of others.

I haven't been active on FM recently, but its been such a wonderful resource over the years and I'm glad I joined.

Zette said...

Good that it's helped you out!

In this case, I figure if people are so certain things aren't right, maybe it's time for them, and others, to step in and make some of the decisions. I hope they can come up with some neat, new ideas for the site.

Dragonmyst said...

My dad always said "Do what you got to do." You have done a phenomenal job and this site means a lot to me and others.

Take a break. We'll be here. Focus on what you need to.

And thank you. For running FM, for keeping it going.

(this is EB btw)

J.A. Marlow said...

Take care of yourself, Zette, and come back when you feel ready. You have friends who care about you. :)

Jean said...

I disagree with the statement that you're doing anything to "ruin" FM. Ludicrous. But I know you've been hearing it over and over from some people. And that has to wear on you.

Take care of you.

Zette said...

Thanks Ebil, DC and Jean. Just go and have fun and figure out how to make FM work!

A. Shelton said...

I'm sorry there are people who don't appreciate what you've done for us, Zette. Those of us who do appreciate you will miss you.

Adora2009 said...

I'm sorry to hear there are some people who don't appreciate how much you've done for writers, and the "gang" at FM. Those of us who do hang out at the chartroom regularly do appreciate you and while I can't talk for everyone its not going to be the same without you. We'll miss you, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Adora.

David Bridger said...

Hugs! Have a lovely Christmas and I hope you come back refreshed and ready to rock. x

Antje said...


I'm not superactive on FM, but I've always felt very comfortable there. I don't get the feeling that anything is being 'ruined'.

The main reason I feel I have to write a comment right now is just to let you know that I acknowledge and respect the time and effort you have put into the website. It's a sad fact that we get disproportionately more affected by reproaches or rebukes than by praise, but I hope very much that I'm having an effect when I say: don't let it get to you. Your work is appreciated.

ADR Forte said...

zette, for what it's worth, I think you've done a really good job with FM over the years. I'm sorry to see you go but I understand your frustration. I hope you'll pop into chat sometime just as a member because I will miss talking with you. All the best of luck with your writing and the kittehs and everything else!
- Moosey

Zette said...

Thank you, everyone. That really does help. We'll see how things go with a couple weeks away.

Tiger Tulip said...

I wish you only the best Zette and I can understand. It's not right for folks to just complain like that. You've worked hard. and Writing is hard work in any form.

Zette said...

I think the few days off have helped. I'll have at least another week off from most of the stuff (must post 2YN class!). I had to sit back and rethink some of the things. Also, I know the moderators have really stepped up and come up with some ideas, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they think now!

So, all is well. I won't be around as much in the future, I think, but everything should go find.

LJCohen said...

Zette--Take the time you need. Burn out is not a pleasant place to be. {{{{{Hugs}}}}} Please know that I owe you and FM an enormous debt of gratitude for helping me get to where I am now.

Don't let a few grumbles negate the incredible work you have done over the years. FM is an enormous site and there's no way you can make everyone happy.

Best to you in the new year.