Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More about Forward Motion and Other Things

Here are some Forward Motion things to keep in mind.

First, I have said that I will be gone for at least a few weeks and I'll make a decision during that time about if I am coming back or not.  I have backed away and told the moderators they can come up with things for the site. I noticed that my daily forum subscription email is filled with material from the moderator's board, so it looks as though this may have been what they needed to get moving on some ideas.  Since I'd already said I thought 2012 should be a time for change at the site, I suspect they were already thinking of stuff, but now they appear to be acting on those ideas.  

It's going to take more than changes though.  Not only acting on them, but taking care of new ideas as well, which means encouraging people to take part in whatever activities are up.  Not just posting about them, but going in and joining as well.  That's something I stopped doing when I got too busy, and that's another reason why I decided to step back and reevaluate all of this.  It wasn't just that people were complaining about the site -- I doubt a month has gone by without some complaint for whine about how things don't work the way they want.  9 years of that and a person can start seeing the 'delete site' option as far too reasonable.

However, bottom line, I still own the site so for the moment changes will still have to go through me, if for no other reason than I'm the only one who can make boards and move things around.  Yeah, I really didn't think that one through.  This does complicate things.  I can't push it off on Mar because she's busy anyway.  So I will try to come by the moderator's board on Fridays, see what needs to be done -- and yes, make final decisions on some of it.

Chat?  We'll see in a couple weeks.  Or maybe I'll get antsy as I get closer to finishing my last two big projects of the year and go there to celebrate.  Right now I'm spending more time on things like DAZ newsletters than anything else, but once this last one is out of the way, I will have some time to write again.  (The problem with the DAZ newsletter is that I have to go to the DAZ site and look at fun things.  I haven't bought much of anything there in months, but suddenly I have about $100 worth of sale stuff in my wishlist.  Ugh.)

I need to get Vision done as well! That's going to be on my agenda for today.  Contracts and payments.  Russ's check appears not to have turned up yet, but I've been holding on to funds so I can cover this.  I did not put in a Schwan's order (that's my main food delivery), but I have enough to see me through until Russ gets home, though I see a lot of macaroni in my near future.

(This is not bad.  I also have a hoarded jar of Ragu and some lovely meatballs.  It's a bit more than I usually eat!)

And Russ will be home the day after Christmas.  That's six days from now.  We'll be looking at more heating options.  I'm tending towards hamsters on treadmills at the moment. Also good cat entertainment.

I have discovered again this year, that the closer it gets to the holiday itself, the less I really care about the lack of fun stuff.  About Sunday was to the 'oh, just get it over with' stage which is actually okay.  I start focusing on the things I should be, like you know -- Vision.  I do have the workshop done and the basics of the layout in place.  Almost.

Story stuff?  I have the last of Istavia to finish (just a couple more scenes!) and the outline for Water/Stone/Light before the end of the year.  The outline has about 100 new note cards to add in and an entire new storyline.  What I have may be the wrong POV character, but the events are good.  I also figured out how to make the ending I want.  I don't know if I can get the entire book outlined before January 1, but I can have the first section done, and that will at least get me going for the new year.

First thing up to edit in January will be Set 2 of the 2YN classes.  I am still not as certain about fiction, though. What do I want to publish this year?

Oh, and I need to get some more ACOA stuff done, too.

Yeah, I'm still going to be busy. 


Jean said...

I'm very happy to hear Russ will be able to be home for a little bit. That's great news.

Zette said...

We are looking forwrad to it. Have to believe that it will work out despite things still going wrong!

Cheryl Peugh said...

Hi. I know you haven't heard much from me lately, and for that, I'm sorry.

I'm not writing to make excuses, or to tell you things you already know -- that you are good for FM, and that you generously donate your time and creativity to help other writers along, etc.


What I want to talk to you about is that nearly throw-away sentence in your previous post about wishing you had more support as a writer. That's the one that grabbed my attention & wouldn't let go.

Am I so self-absorbed that I can't support a fellow-writer--a friend--someone whose work I admire and enjoy? Do I thnk my own work is somehow more important than yours--so important that I can't spend a little time & money to help you along the way?

I stand abashed and ashamed, as if I'd been caught with my hand in the till.

Is this why you are feeling so down about FM and your work in general?

God, I hope not.

If it is, please forgive my self-absorption. From now on, I will try to support you in what I suspect is the heart of your inner being--your writing. I will try to attach at least as much importance to your work as my own--as a fellow-writer and a friend.

Zette said...

Oh no, Cheryl! Don't take that line so badly. That was 'Zette has run out of patience with EVERYTHING' mode. And you need to focus on your work, not mine. If I cannot properly promote and sell my books, I can't expect someone else to buy them. Seems reasonable to me.

Russ will be home for a few days starting on Monday. Getting out, having someone to talk to, fixing a few things around the house -- those will give me a better outlook, I'm sure.

But in the meantime, sit back, relax and think good writing thoughts for 2012.

Just have fun!