Saturday, September 03, 2011

The last couple weeks . . . .

It's no wonder my hair is going grey.  Stress lately has been a bit higher than usual.  It started on the 22nd when a neighbor coming home saw someone staring in my window at 1:30 am.  I was working on the other side of that window, so the knowledge someone had been staring in at me . . . right.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  Add to that the fact I had heard something at the porch door earlier and assumed a raccoon or possum trying to get to the food.  And I had been hearing odd noises outside for days.  I had even mentioned it to Russ.  The neighbor chased him off and called the police and then came to tell me.   

So you know, not a lot of sleep happening here right now.  Russ will be home in about two weeks and we'll get security lights and such up.  Until then, every noise at night sets me off. 

It was just as well I didn't sleep that night.  About six in the morning I realized the kitten was having serious breathing problems.  Have I mentioned the kitten?  Buffy the Vampire Mouse Slayer.  You can see videos of her here:  

Anyway, breathing problems.  I bundled her up and walked over two miles to get to the vet's office before even he was in.  She had an upper respiratory infection and various other problems.  They brought her back home the next day. 

On the 26th, Russ had a mandatory evacuation order.  Spent a couple long worrisome days watching hurricane news and worried about him. 

On the 30th I had several hours without power and then took almost three hours to get my computer to come back up again.  Yes, it's having trouble.  Yes, I will have to replace it. 

And then on the night of the 31st, my Internet went out.  Took 2 days to get it back. 

Had to restart computer.  Another two hours. 

Wind, who is my oldest cat, got very ill. (He appears to be recovering) 

And with all this, Russ's check was a week late and messed up autopay bills and various other things. 

Tonight my back is bothering me so much I can barely move from one room to another.  Not sure what I did this time. 

I truly, honestly, need a break from stuff.   

I spent part of the afternoon on Twitter at #kindlechat and I found that helpful.  I needed to step away from everything for a bit and do something that was not fraught with a dozen other problems.  

I need to have some time to work on my material.  I'll be in a better mood then.  But right now, I feel like I am falling farther behind on everything from my stuff to things I need to do for others.  Yeah, I'm getting a bit of writing done, but not as much as I would like.  I might just give up and do nothing but writing tonight.  I need it.  Really. 

Well, I do have to do a couple small updates on ACOA.  But other than that. . . . 

Ha.  We'll see if I can get much writing done at all tonight!


Jean said...

Buffy is looking wonderful. Hubby thinks maybe a lilac point?

Very creepy about the guy looking in your window. I, too, would be seriously creeped out about that. Ugh!

Zette said...

Her only points are actually on her ears and tail. She's not going to have any siamese markings on the face as far as I can tell.

She's a little devil, too. Hates the word 'no' and is having a hard time dealing with the idea that she can't bite whenever she feels like it.

Yes, I am creeped out by it. Enough that it's still unsettling me. We'll see what we can do when Russ gets here.


Jean said...

Lady doesn't hate the word, "No." She just ignores it.

Cheryl Peugh said...

May I suggest a good, stout walking staff with a weighted end kept by your bed? If the asshole breaks in, lay it upside his head. I carry one that my husband made me on my walks. Keeps the riff-raff off--four legged and two-legged variety.

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