Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Sale

I have put all four of my novels at Smashwords on sale for $0.99! Head to my Smashword's page:

Choose the book(s) you want and at the checkout, enter the code next to the title:

Kat Among the Pigeons: NA89T

Katlyn is a member of a fae clan whose job is to stand the line between human and magical lands, a secret she has trouble hiding from her new human boyfriend even before she unexpectedly finds the fate of the world in her hands.

She isn't magically strong, and unlike other fae who understand all animals, she only caught birds and cats -- not a good combination. However, when she isn't able to reach other fae for help, Kat and her boyfriend frantically fight the enemy with the aid of a lazy tom cat, an African gray parrot who only speaks in verse, and a wise-cracking cockatiel with a bad attitude.

She's trying very hard not to think the world is doomed.

The Silky Trilogy

Silky: KU22M
Life as a slave robbed Silky of his magical abilities and left him with no expectations of a better life -- until his own act of bravery delivered him into the hands of a powerful Lord of the Land.
Working with Lord Reed starts him along a path that will lead to power, danger and heartbreak . . . and a future the young slave boy could never have imagined.

Silky 2: RW57G
Wealth and power can't buy safety for the former slave boy who has become one of the most powerful people in the land of Anthica, and even the backing of the Queen won't always keep him safe.
Personal danger, however, will never stop Silky from doing what is right and continuing the work Lord Reed put into his hands.

Silky 3: ZD89X
The Jainta have invaded Anthica, and while Dalton remains behind to help lead the army in a fight for survival, Silky and the Queen take a perilous trip across the sea -- a dangerous journey that pits them against a merciless enemy and sets Silky against his worst nightmares.

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