Friday, May 27, 2011

How NOT to get work done

I had every intention of getting up and finishing the chapter for Ada Nish Pura first thing today. My mistake? Looking at my email first. I knew better. I should never look at email before I set about doing the one thing I have planned to do for the day.
However, at least this time I had fun email: A request to use one of my pictures in a conservation flyer to be distributed in various areas of Africa. Yes, that sounds odd -- but I used to spend a considerable amount of time at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, and I never went without my camera. I got very good at getting pictures of odd animals and I always give permission for various groups to use them. Nile soft-shelled turtles, ring-tailed cats, langurs. . . .
So, if the group already found the picture they wanted, what was the problem?
I didn't think the picture was the best one I had. So I started sorting through zoo pictures looking for more of them. I have thousands and thousands of zoo pictures. They are not sorted by animal. (I really, truly have to at least get them sorted into birds, mammals, etc.) I eventually found about 12 more pictures of which three turned out to be reasonable, after some work in Photoshop. They were older pictures, taken with a low megapixel camera, but a bit of work and I liked them much better:

(Use the Next button at the top right to see the next two in the set)

So here it is after 4 pm. I have not looked at the chapter yet. I'll get to it. I need to check my work email, though, soon. (Ack. Did. Work there.)
The cat is now on my trusty old Wacom Tablet. LOL. I guess I can't play around with art/pictures anymore!
Oh good. Dinner is almost done. I guess I don't have to work after all. (grin)
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