Monday, November 02, 2009

NaNo Day 1: 12,828 Words

I did not expect to do this well today, and for a couple reasons. First, Russ left to go back to New York at about 6:30 this morning. That was, of course, depressing. However, he helped get me going by staying up past midnight last night, cheering me on through the first 2k hour, and even baking me cookies to celebrate. That really did help.

We slept for a few hours, then he was up and leaving. I got up to see him off, then slept for a few hours, and woke up again -- with a horrible cough and sore throat. I took stuff and slept for a couple more hours.

Then I went back to work on writing and doing some DAZ stuff. I don't dare let that fall behind.

Russ and I wrote together for a little while on Skype tonight (just the message board, not video), and that helped, too. He was waiting to see if his luggage was ever going to show up -- worrying stuff since it had all his work suits and stuff. It did, finally.

I am doing something a bit odd this year for me. I normally write two or three first draft novels during NaNo. This year I am going to do three. And I am working on them at the same time. I needed something a little different to get me going. I couldn't decide which of the three outlines I wanted to start with, so rather than fussing over it any longer, I decided to just go with all three of them. If any of them don't make it to 50k, I'll subtract that one's word count from the total.

It was far more exciting than I expected it to be.

So, I'm up and moving far better on my first day than I expected.

I hope everyone else is having fun!
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Chris said...

Those first days are the hardest for me too. Dh has been driving a bigrig over the road for over three years now. We'd never been apart before then but he had to go where the money was (and it wasn't in our town!) to support our family.

I hope your dh can find work closer to home soon.