Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weather and Work

Welcome to winter


It's been cold the last few days. It's very white. We're supposed to get a lot more white tomorrow. We don't often get this much snow so early in winter. Sure, there was that year when it snowed in parts of Nebraska on the last day of summer... but still. Not this much, this cold, this early. It also means that we'll likely be white until March or so. (Looks at calendar.) Ack.

My office window has a huge crack in it. I have a replacement, but the window is frozen closed right now, so I have to wait until tomorrow when it will warm up to the 20's so I can get it out and replace it. Of course, with that 20F weather is going to be more white stuff. Maybe six inches or more.

All in all, I think it's best to maybe drop into some nice pretend world for a while and not come back out until spring. The work of the week is a rewrite of another novella -- the first Cougar (sf) story. I've also been working on Silky 3 and finishing up a couple other little projects. Running out of time!

But overall, it's going okay. I wish Russ was coming home, but I survived the holidays last year and I'll do the same this year. I need to look past it, and start deciding what I can do for next year. I need to start submitting material again. I keep saying that, but I don't really get around to it. I should change that. Really.

I have some good stuff that needs to go out. Time to start doing lists and making plans.

After I get some writing done. I'm about half way through First Run, so I'll have it done quickly enough.
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Barbara Martin said...

Would you prefer the temperature to drop to below -20F, at which point there will be no snow falling. Precipitation crystalizes.
When did Nebraska stop having snow in the winter?