Thursday, December 04, 2008

Having fun

Let's start with a thank you to Mar for this: Stray Thoughts Of Margaret Fisk: Ruins by Lazette Gifford. What a wonderful review! And I'll admit to something... like many writers, I find that I can rarely look at a published work after it's been released, because I know it's going to have something (or many things) wrong with it. I'll see everything I should have changed or done differently. That she liked the novel anyway is a good sign.

And I do hope to do a paperback of it and the others, but I haven't had the time to figure out the formatting. Sad, but true. I think my brain tries to turn off every time I decide to do it.

So, it's off to writing instead.

I can't find the rewrite of Such Gifts as These. It's not turning up in any of the directories on any of the hard drives. The last version if Have is from about 2001.

This annoyed me. So I sat down with the 2001 version and began to rewrite it. Apparently, this is the way I should always work, because it's going wonderfully. I've been getting about 3k a day done since I started, and I think that will pick up now that I have a couple other things out of the way. I'd like to have some of the types of writing days that I usually get with NaNo but kind of missed this year. It's easier, of course, when you're rewriting a novel rather than working with something new. Even a massive rewrite like this one.

It's fun. I need fun sometimes.

That's going to be my theme for the rest of the year, I think. Even without celebrating the holidays, I can still have some fun!

And thank you again to everyone who sent me the wonderful box of fun things that arrived at my door. I love the pictures and the fairy and the food and the scarf and cups and toys for the cats and... well, everything. It certainly brightened my end of the year!
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Margaret said...

Hey, I only speak the truth in my reviews, so you earned every word :).

And yes, I've made the same discovery on those older drafts. My writing style changes so subtly that I can't edit something up to my current level, but if I retype it, I end up rewriting on that basic level to advance the whole thing into something beautiful. Good luck on the rewriting and enjoy it :).