Friday, August 01, 2008

Closer to done!

Hello. Yes, back already! I thought I'd just write some notes out during the day as they occur to me, and then post later. Maybe.

Today's work is divided between the DAZ Studio PC Newsletter and the nonfiction book. It's only 10:30 am and I've already been bouncing back and forth between them. Keeping focus is difficult some days... but I did finally have a breakthrough on the newsletter. That's always good.

The newsletter takes a lot more imagination and writing skill than you might expect for something so short. I'm handed the three files with the items so I can test them out, and I edit the pages on the site as well -- which actually helps, because it allows me to start thinking about them a few days before I have to do the work. Sometimes the newsletter items are all related, and I can do a little 'story' with them. I also choose four older items to go with the material and write a single line for each, linking them back to whatever item it is related to. The only other part is a short paragraph on the render challenge of the month, and pick out two pictures from the last week to showcase there. I also grab pictures for all the items, something out of the gallery, and a few other odds and ends. Then I put it all together and I'm done for a couple days until the new stuff comes out.

It's not a lot of writing, and the html is pretty easy stuff once you get the template done. It's fun, in fact, most weeks.

Oh look, it's actually the next morning. I guess I'll post this in a few minutes and get to work on other stuff! Or maybe I'll get other things done first. (grin) FM is now updated, and a huge amount of updates to the County site are done, and I even managed some work on the book.

I am looking forward to having the book done, which I think is going to happen in the next couple days. I have a large section I'm still debating -- about 3k words -- that might come out, but that's still not a lot more writing even if I have to replace it with something else.

It's coming down to the end, and my mind is already starting to leap over to the idea of finishing a couple fiction pieces. That's probably not good -- I need to focus on the last of this book. But I'll get there!

And I think I'll go ahead and post this before I think of any other boring stuff to write!
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