Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Book is Done!

The book has been done for a couple days, in fact, but it's taken me that long to recover and get my brain back into some sort of working order. And actually, it's not completely done. Russ is reading it for me to help with some editing and to help put together an index. Then, off it will go! And I'll be done with it! Yay!

I am now working on the last run through on Silky 2, which should have been done before now, but had to be put aside or else I wouldn't have gotten either book done. Silky 2 is moving along very well now. I'm glad I didn't push it, because I've found a few places that needed considerable work. I've added quite a bit already.

But here is a little section from the first chapter that I really like:

"Oh, do watch yourself, my lord." Queen Maris leaned forward and this time
Garver sat back, his face paling just a little, and his hands fluttering as
though he expected her to leap forward and attack. "Do be very careful of
what you say in my presence. I have put up with a great deal of your
boorish bad manners in the last year, and I have decided this is the last
warning you are going to get. I brought you to my palace this morning
because you made statements last night in the presence of foreign dignitaries,
and they found your statements both outrageous and even treasonous. They
came to me to tell me of such things -- this from people who are not even my
subjects. I am inclined to think you are only stupid -- don't glare, Lord
Garver, because treasonous is not entirely out of the question yet since that is
the other choice. Am I clear on this, Lord Garver?"

I've already written about 4k on a new outline as well. I really didn't need to start a new outline, but I had used some bits of it for examples in the nonfiction book, and I decided I wanted to see where it would go. I think it is going to be a NaNo book if I can work my way through the rest of it.

I just spent this morning trying to get caught up on the extra little DAZ work I need to do. I have to start working on the next newsletter, but that shouldn't be too bad. I just have to get my mind around the items for this week and figure out what pieces could go with them.

And they are trenching out in my alley today. They supposedly have all the underground stuff marked, but I keep expecting to lose power or Internet. Life works that way for me. I'm just curious why they had to mark the underground stuff all the way from the front of my house back to the alley. I sure hope they don't intend to do more than dig up the alley!

Okay, it's time for me to get back to work. I have other things I need to get caught up on as well, but mostly I'm going to go back to work on Silky 2!
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