Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silky is off to Holly. Again. It's been off to her at least once before, and then I realized I had to make some changes, and then....
I've had a problem lately with letting go. I don't know why. However, I have been lingering over edits of books and art work. It's not even real work -- just messing around with things. But Silky is now out of my hands and I told Holly not to give it back to me unless I really have to correct something.

So, the new version of Silky is done. Book 2 is going along very well, and I'll be getting back to Book 3 as soon as I get some other things cleared away. I have a few outline notes for it, too -- just to make certain I keep moving along on it. I like the story so far. I'm up to almost 17,000 words on it.

I have a couple questions into the British publisher for the nonfiction book, mostly having to do with the contract. I am working on the book, though, and it's moving forward -- just not very quickly. I need to be able to focus on it, and that hasn't really happened yet.
But I am still getting work done, so I can't complain. It may be a bit slower than usual, but it's still going along pretty well. Since I often go through slow downs, I'm not too surprised. Things will pick back up again soon. I can feel little ideas starting to work their way back into my brain, and I'm starting to sort through story notes again. There are two novels I would really like to get to -- Draw the Line and In the Shadow of Giants -- but both require considerable background work. I'll probably be doing more of that over the next few months.

I would also like to do more short story writing. May is the Story-A-Day dare at FM, so I should really try to focus on the idea of writing some material for it this year. Maybe if I think about it enough before hand, I'll be ready to leap in this time!

Oh yes, I can feel that urge to start writing lots of things again.

I think I better go rest before it takes me over. (laughs)
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