Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I want more time!

There has to be a way to get more time. I want to have time to write and do art, and I really don't think that's asking for too much. Okay, and read. And do more photography.

Lately, though, I've barely been getting 1000 words a day in writing, and I'm lucky if I get anywhere near a graphic program. I have been keeping up my picture a day blog, but if it wasn't for cats and teddy bears -- both always in reach -- I would be in real trouble there. (Or cats and teddy bears, as the picture today proves. That's Zaphod and friend, and yes the bear is sitting on his shoulders.)

I'm working on many things and trying to get them caught up/finished so I can move on to other many things. It seems like there ought to be some kind of break there. I have also discovered, the last couple days, that I need to find some way to break up my days so that they are not all so much alike. The first step, as soon as I can figure out how to arrange it, is to buy an Alphasmart Dana ( (not the wireless version -- I specifically DO NOT want to connect to the Internet with it), so that I can move away from this desk where I have been living far too much of my life lately. I even have the money right at this moment -- a miracle all its own, but things are starting to look a little better now. Alphasmart, unfortunately, doesn't appear to take PayPal. I've checked Ebay, and I don't like what they have to offer -- all used, none of them with the programs -- and I think I would rather go with a new one and feel safe.

As some of you know, I have an HP Pocket Computer, which I use on the road and read and take notes in bed -- but it is not a good 'writing' device in the way that I need one. I have a keyboard for it, and it's a nice keyboard, but it's not easy to set up and keep aligned.

I think the Dana looks like something I could use. Get out of the office, just write without dealing with Internet stuff for a little while during the day. It sounds like heaven right now. Or, at the very least, a change.

Other than that? Not much. Had a little snow today and looks like we'll have more tonight. I fell on the ice last week, then had the flu, and I'm still feeling miserable. I have something almost ready for submission somewhere, but I don't think it's really what the editor is looking for. I'm sending it anyway. It's far too easy to talk yourself out of submitting rather than following through.

I would really, really like to get back to writing more, though. Now that I have the current group set up for the 2YN class, I think I have a better chance. I did well yesterday, but I haven't even started today. It's time to start focusing again!
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khris0117 said...

I have an AlphaSmart Neo, brother of Dana. That thing is just the ticket for getting lots of writing done and not getting lured by the siren call of the internet. :o) You'll love it. Getting any snow tonight? Missouri is getting blanketed again. Fun! --Chris

Zette said...

Do you have any trouble transferring stories from the Neo to the computer, say to Word? I really looked at the Neo, since it is less expensive, but the Dana plainly showed the transfer would not be a problem. And I kind of liked some of the other Dana stuff.

We had a little snow this afternoon, but not much. Not enough to go out and scoop, though we are supposed to get more tonight.

khris0117 said...

The Neo comes with a USB cable that connects to either the computer or a USB printer (to directly print the file). I just open the file using the AlphaSmart Manager program (comes with it) and select, copy, paste all in one shot into Open Office. Price is why I got the Neo-- $250 (four yrs ago, way cheaper now) can't be beat. I recommend it to everyone. :o)

Our snow started at 10a and hasn't stopped. Yay! I love snow. --Chris

Valerie Comer said...

Can't comment on the Alphasmart at all, but I have a Palm Tungsten E2 with folding keyboard and I absolutely love it. It uses Word and transfers files easily to and from the desktop. The Tungsten battery is really long lived; the AAAs in the keyboard less so. Still, it flips open in a couple seconds and can sit on my lap without needing a clipboard or anything *solid* under it.

Did I say I love it? :)

I don't know how they compare in price or other stuff though.

cherylp said...

I've looked at the Dana and the Neo, thinking that it would be a much cheaper alternative than getting a laptop. More practical, too, since all I'd be using the laptop for would be writing. My eyes are getting older, and the smaller screen of the handheld is just getting too much to deal with. The Alphasmart looks as if it has a bigger screen--ergo, bigger words.

green_knight said...

May I throw the Asus EEE into the ring as a contender? It's a fully-fledged Linux laptop. What would put me off the Dana is the small screen - seven lines of text would not be enough for me; and from writing friends I've heard both so-so about the Dana and real enthusiasm for the Eee.