Friday, January 04, 2008

And on into 2008!

Hello all!

Yes, I am still alive. I've survived the holidays -- Christmas by myself, but Russ was home for the last couple days of the month and then he went back to New York on the January 1. It was, as always, good to have him here for a while. However, we really don't get to spend much time just relaxing. We rush all over trying to get me restocked for the next month, since there's no telling how long it will be before he can come back again. We did take the time to do our annual New Years Eve television watching. It sounds odd, but for probably a decade or more, we sit down on New Years Eve and we each pick shows we want to see and alternate between them. This year we stayed with DVD stuff -- not intentional, but it worked out that way.

I've been very busy for the last few weeks, and crazed for the last few days. Not only did I have Vision to get finished and posted, but I also had the DAZ newsletter (which developed a last minute problem), getting ready for the new 2YN group, and setting things up for some of the ten year anniversary stuff at Forward Motion. I'm still not really done. My writing has suffered a bit for it. I've only been doing 1- to 2k days so far, and I am having a hard time focusing on anything at all, but it'll come back soon. I hope! I've started a new Devlin novel, which is always fun to write!

I did get some good news from a publisher in England who is interested in a nonfiction book from me. We'd discussed it last year, but then things slipped away for a while. I just got another email and should know more in a couple weeks when the publisher is back from Europe. I'm going to pull the outline back out and get to work on it again, so that I'm working steadily on it and won't feel rushed.

And the last Dark Staff book is done and off to the copyeditor! Yay! It appears that Book 7 has some kind of curse attached to it -- the copyeditor lost the nearly completed edit and had to go back to an earlier, partially completed copy -- but she's determined to get it and the last one done.

So that's my news for the moment. I kind of hope to get things settled in over the next few days and have more time to do some more writing!
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Margaret said...

Zette, I would love to have one of your off days :p.

I'm glad Russ was able to get up there for a bit and that's wonderful about the non-fiction book as well as enjoying the new Devlin novel.