Monday, May 16, 2005

Yes, hello there!

Willow and her teddy bear collection. She loves to sleep there. She even pulls a couple of them down if she wants to sleep on the floor for some reason.

I have been very very busy the last couple weeks.

I'll be very very busy for the next few weeks.

I am trying not to drive myself crazy, but that hasn't worked in the past, so I don't know why it would start working now.

I came here intending to write something... not sure what it was, though. I think I might as well just post and move on to the next thing on my list.


Voter Mom said...

zette, just an FYI: lately there's a big whitespace after the blog post and before the picture/body. I think it may be caused by the grey box on the side. (The picture doesn't show up until the bottom of the box.
I'm viewing in IE.

-- alyn

Voter Mom said...

(Sorry, I meant after the blog post title)

Sophia said...

To voter mom:

I get that white space if my browser isn't maximised. The window needs to be large enough to show both the grey box and zette's photograph. If it isn't large enough, the photo will be shown after the grey box.


Zette said...

I keep forgetting to resize the pictures. Someday I'll remember to get this right!