Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back to work

Blue Heron

I had a wonderful weekend. My new chapbook came out for the convention and sold a few copies. I did two panels, one on blogging (laughs) and the second on outlining. Had a great time on both. Talked with two different FM/Vision people, and lots of others as well. It was a fun time. And we stopped at one of my two favorite wildlife refuge sites on the way down and on the way back up.

I entered the Story in a Bag contest at ConQuesT-- pull five slips of paper and write a story in one hour. I had intended to write it on my old Clie with the the keyboard, but I forgot to reinstall the keyboard driver. Duh. Lucky for me, Russ showed up with the printer and the laptop, and I was able to use that. Started nearly twenty minutes late, though. And my slips of paper?

  • A murder
  • A left sneaker
  • An angry ferret
  • An occult shop
  • And the opening line had to be: The town was gone -- just gone.

So I wrote 903 words in 40 minutes -- and apparently I won in the Pro Writer Horror category. Horror? Well, okay there was a ghost. And it was a true horror when I realized my keyboard wasn't working.... (grin) They announced the winners at the closing ceremonies, but we couldn't stay that late. Two different people wrote to tell me, though.

Had a note today that someone else wants to use one of my zoo photos for a publication. That's twice now. Maybe I'm in the wrong business.

Anyway, I'm back and need to get all kinds of things done. Russ leaves for Atlanta in the morning and we're crazed here right now.

But I thought I should check in!

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Gabriele C. said...

Any chance to share that story? A vanished town, an occult shop, a ghost and an angry ferret sound a fun mix. Especially the ferret.

Not that I could make a story out of it in an hour; obviously, I need a nice juicy bit of history to turn into a story. lol