Friday, April 13, 2018

Flash Fiction # 298: Mother Nature's Revenge

(This is little drabble was inspired by a rather funny meme on Facebook -- but then I wondered if we're all laughing too much?  I'm looking at another five to eight inches of snow this weekend....)

"I miss spring," Marc said as they trudged through the snowdrifts.

"You shouldn't have made the joke," Rory countered.

"You're the one who shared it.  Besides, how was I suppose to know she was on the Internet?"

"Are you joking?" Rory said.  "Mother Nature is everywhere!  And saying she is Bi-Polar and off her meds...."

"Well, it was funny," Marc countered.  "It's not my fault she doesn't have a sense of humor."

A cold wind blew down the road followed in quick succession by lightning, hail, a torrential rainstorm, and then a sudden blizzard.

"Marc, just keep quiet, okay?"

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