Monday, July 31, 2017

And Another One

Here is something you often hear from me.

I have a new novel idea.

This one will be an Egyptian/Steampunk/Fantasy/Archeology tale.  I am sure there will be awakened Nile Gods, though all I have for a plot is the opening.  Normally I don't do a lot about character families beyond the immediate ones needed for the story, but I've already charted four or five generations for three families with about 52 people, and I'm nowhere near done.  And yes, most of this will have a major role in the tale, even if some of it is not 'on screen.'

I have the other ancient world/Egypt-centered alternate history idea, but that one is going to take a step back, and this will be one of the four I outline for NaNo.  The other one requires too much world building to throw it together in the next three months, let alone do it along with other outlines.

Oh, and I did finish the edit/rewrite of Tales from Grey Station 9!  It is sitting at 175,036 words at the moment, with one last edit where I go through with all the notes I made and make certain everything lines up properly.  I will have the book ready for release next month.

It's going to be hard to concentrate on it with this new story leaping up and down like the proverbial plot bunny.  I have pulled out 39 books on Egypt from my shelves.  And yes, my study of hieroglyphs is going to help with some of the new story.

So, here I go, and you are present at the start of a new adventure.  I hope to write this one for NaNo in November, but it all depends on how hard of a time I have pulling it together.  I don't think that's going to be a problem.  At the moment, the book is titled Venatus Aegyptiaca which sort of translates to Dark Magic of Egypt.  This will be a YA adventure, at least as I see it from the start.  That can always change, but I think I see the main characters clearly and know how they are going to act, even though I'm not entirely certain about what the circumstances might be when they have to do something.

I hope it will be a fun adventure, though!

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