Monday, January 02, 2017

2YN and the Insanity for 2017

Welcome to the insanity of 2017!

In the time between this post and the last one, I have decided to do something drastic, strange, and maybe fun and wondrous.  For years I've offered the Two Year Novel Course (2YN) at Forward Motion for Writers.  Most of the people there who are at all interested have taken it more than once already.  This year (okay and next year), I'm going to post the classes each week on my Author Page on Facebook.

The course is set up in 104 classes so that there will be one a week for two years.  I've done this for over ten years and refined and reworked most of the material, especially the parts meant to help with the changing nature of publication and the indie explosion.  The course covers things like the basics of creating an idea, outlining, world building, character creation, etc.  While some of it (especially in the world building section) is mostly relevant to science fiction and fantasy, other parts can help with all genres.

This course is not something that will help everyone.  Sometimes only bits and pieces will fit into another writer's style.  No one is required or expected to find everything in the course helpful.

In order to take part, people need to 'like' the page:

This version of the course will work a bit differently from the private group at FM.  First, people will not be required to post if they don't want to.  They can read along and do the work privately.  However, if they want help with something or to share a piece, they can post to the appropriate lesson.

I've already posted on the FB NaNoWriMo board, and there has been considerable interest.  I  mentioned there some necessary rules, including that any trolls will be removed.  If people can't be polite, they need not join in.  I will post all the rules on my Author Page in the next day or two and get started with the classes on Friday.  Things are bound to be hectic and crazy for the first few weeks, but I hope that it will work out well.

Oh yes, I have also started my first new novel of the year.  Journey of a Thousand Truths is about 4k at this moment and moving along well enough.  This is novel number 103, and so far I think it's going well.  Here's a little snippet:

"Can you stand?" she asked.  He couldn't see much of her face, just the jut of her nose and the slant of her eyes.  He thought she frowned.  Strands of her dark hair had come loose from the mass she had tied up on her head.  "Prince Zaron?" she said again.

"Not the name to use," he said.  "Za.  Just Za.  No use to take any -- any chances."

He got to his feet.  It was, he realized, a show of pride rather than wisdom.  The movement had pulled at his side, and he nearly went down again.

"Knife?" Mai asked as she gracefully rose to her feet again, despite the pack -- ah, and the swords, too. Good.

"Claw," he corrected.  Her eyes went wide.  "I did mention demons, you know."

"Yes, but I thought --"

"Metaphorical demons?" he asked and gave a grateful nod when she took his arm, helping him along.

"Well, at least not demons actually here.  I want to know -- but no, not yet.  We must be careful."

My other first writing work for the year is to work on the 4th Devlin novel to get it ready for publication.

I think it might be an interesting year!

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