Thursday, August 20, 2015

Flash Fiction #160 -- Web

The end had come at last.
Tania watched the impenetrable darkness spread across the horizon, muting the last bright colors of the sunset. Tonight she stood alone as she waited for the enemy to attack again. The last of her companions lay wrapped in white coverings at her feet. She whispered a last farewell to them.
No moon tonight, robbing her of the sight as the enemy arrived.  She heard their inhuman voices and soon felt the caress of their many legs as they spun of a thousand webs around her body.
They won the final battle for the world.

(Drabble, 100 words exactly) 

1 comment:

Jon Jefferson said...

That's the fear isn't it, that spiders will take us all. Doesn't matter if we are there to fight or they catch us in our sleep, they are plotting and waiting for just the right time.