Thursday, March 26, 2015

Flash Fiction # 139: Signs of Spring (Drabble)

       Somewhere close by a bird whistled a plaintive tune.
Benley lifted his head, feeling groggy and cold. Had winter passed already? He'd barely nestled into the den with the rabbits, though his wings felt stiff, a sign of the passage of time. He didn't want to leave this warm place with the bunnies and go out into the cold.
If he stayed, how would the plants know to awaken? So the little pixie went out into the cold and began seeking out the plants and sleeping animals.
After all, everyone knows there is a bit of magic in each spring.

(Drabbles are exactly 100 words long and quite fun to write sometimes!)
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Larry Kollar said...

There have been some springs where I think Benley slept in.

Nice word-sketch for the time of year!

ganymeder said...

I can sympathize with the pixie! This morning it SNOWED. Welcome to Spring, right? :D

Claudia H. Blanton said...

very nice drabble, have not tried this form of flash fiction yet, but yours is fun!

Jon Jefferson said...

That little sprite has completely skipped Michigan for a few years now. I don't even remember what spring looks like anymore.