Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flash Fiction # 118 -- Is it time yet?

(A little pre-NaNoWriMo Fun)

      Zaphod sat on the desk between me and the computer screen, his golden eyes blinking.
"Is it time yet?"
"No, Zaphod." I worked at getting my spreadsheet finished, even though I knew I would abandon it in a couple days.
"Is it time yet?"
"No." I added an array of colors and new SUM totals.
"Is it time yet?"
"Turn around and look at the screen yourself. You're blocking my view."
"Oh." He laid down and pushed his paws ever-so-slightly over the edge and closer to the keyboard. "Is it time yet?"
"I am going to hang you up by your furry little tail if you don't stop." I looked up at the screen and frantically cleared everything else off and opened Scrivener and a new blank template. "Twenty seconds -- and . . . . 12:01 AM and NaNo begins!"
I reached to type, by Zaphod was faster.
"I did it! I got the first word! I win!" The cat stood up and blocked the screen again. Precious seconds were passing. It was almost 12:02 am and I didn't have a word yet!
"That isn't --" I stopped. There was no use arguing with him. "Yes, you win!"
"I win NaNo! I win NaNo!" He pranced around the desk and finally looked over to where I had begun frantically typing. "Are you done yet?"
224 Words

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