Thursday, September 04, 2014

Flash Fiction #110 -- In the Jungle (Drabble)


     Everything went quiet except for the steady steps. Martin retreated to the tent's corner and scribbled words by the wane light.
The creature stalks me. This may be my last entry --
Something growled as the tent lifted and boxes securing the hodgepodge of blankets toppled.
Mary glared. "David, take out the trash! How a grown --"
David tossed aside the journal, muttering about deadlines. He took out the trash, restarted the jungle sounds CD, rebuilt the tent and went back to work on Martin the Magnificent Versus the Monster of the Jungle. No one appreciated the hard work that writing took!

100 words

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Nadine Maritz said...

Nice combination of reality versus writing - I can relate

Anonymous said...

*Laugh* Awesome. I like the immersion you begin with here.

Jon Jefferson said...

Nothing wrong with building blanket forts. I like to spend hours in mine.