Sunday, July 14, 2013

JulNo Decision

    I have decided that I'm just going to coast through the rest of JulNo. As much as I would love to push and get 100k or more, I don't have the energy or the ability to focus that well. I am not stopping writing, of course (I wrote on the day of the heart attack and the day after!), but I am not going to shove everything else aside in order to do so. I'm already over 50k and I imagine I'll have another 20k or more, even writing slowly. That's good for this month.
I want to relax. I am looking at various fun things to do that I've been ignoring -- art and music, mostly. I've been sitting with a half finished new web page for ages. There are a lot of odds and ends that have gotten shoved aside while I scrambled to get other stuff finished. This is the time to rethink what I want and turn my attention there.

Of course I want to write. I have a fun new fantasy novel going and I've started a new Devlin novel as well. This week I will have posted 52 Flash Friday pieces in a row and now I think I'll do a flash serial. At least that way I'll know what I'm writing about each week!

And I want to do some fun stuff other than writing. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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