Friday, June 14, 2013

Flash Friday # 47 -- Bowling Widow (Drabble)

    Bud began bowling at 15, married a girl from the place at 20, and spent every free moment of the next fifty years bowling. He died over an annoying spare.

His wife arrived at the alley the day after the funeral. She brought a set of pins painted in the likeness of her husband and had them set up on his favorite lane.

"Wow," one of the patrons said. "She must have really loved Bud."

They watched the bowling ball sail down the lane.

"Strike! Take that you lazy bastard! Set them up again!"

"Or maybe not," the guy decided.

100 words

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Li said...

loved this! A complete story in so few words! :0

Zette said...

Thank you! Drabbles (100 words exactly) can be fun to write with the proper subject.

Thank you for stopping by and reading it.

Tim VanSant Writes said...

Cute story. Welcome to #FridayFlash!

Shelli said...

Haha! Take that, indeed. Great debut!

peggy said...

Take that!
Welcome to friday flash.

Zette said...

Thank you, everyone! This is a wonderful group, and with so many talented writers!

Chuck Allen said...

Ha! i love this!

ganymeder said...

Ha! Thing of beauty!