Friday, April 12, 2013

Flash Friday #38: My Mistake

(This is a drabble -- 100 words -- and will only make sense to some of the chat people at FM.  But it was fun to write!)


DC stepped into the book, dismayed by line of characters doing unaccountably odd things.  She tried to find her people in this mass of insanity. 

Someone sprang by on a Pogo Stick.  "I'm late!  I'm late!"

She snagged him.  "You aren't a rabbit!  This isn't a rabbit hole!  I don't write fantasy!"

"Oh dear."  The man suddenly sprouted long ears.  His nose twitched.  "Now you've done it, haven't you?"

He bounded off and disappeared into a hole.

DC blinked.  "Of course.  My mistake.  This is a Grey world."

She stepped back out and went in search of her own story.


100 words
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