Friday, June 08, 2012

Camp NaNo and Muse and more

The week has not been great overall, but the writing is going well. Resurrection: Chance and Change is up to 28k. This is a Science Fiction tale and though I suspect the first part is to 'introvert' heavy with the characters, I can fix the problem later. My goal is to have 90k for the book, and I hope to have all of it written in June. We'll see if I can do it because I do have other things going on. I have a good outline for it, though the current chapter has gone far off of it. I'll be back in the next chapter, though.

But then I always have other things to do, don't I?

I am also cleaning up and editing Muse, a novel originally published in the Holly Lisle Store. This is an absolutely just for fun novel and it's been interesting to edit it and update it a bit (Palms to Smart Phones, etc.). Here's a little snippet:

"This is a real mess. We've had flooding in town before, but never anything threatening for days on end, and where there's so much trouble elsewhere in the area we can't even count on help from the outside. It's frightening to realize how much depends on a few bags of sand. I feel as though there can't be enough sand in the universe to keep us safe."

"Sand is finite," Killian agreed, brushing a few grains from his shirt sleeve and onto the table. They could hear Alain get out of the shower. "And with so many other towns in need of the bags --"

"I suppose sand is finite," Parka said suddenly. "Or can you count something constantly in the act of creation as limited?"

"Finite resources from which to create sand," he said. Alain looked in at them, shook his head, and went toward the front of the house instead. "So there can only be a limited number of grains in the world, even if everything changed to sand."

"Why are we limiting our definition to earth?" she asked with a grin.

"Because it would be very hard to get sand bags brought in from Alpha Centauri just now?" Killian offered.

"Well yes, but . . . if space is infinite, then there are infinite worlds and infinite grains of sand -"

"Not all worlds will have sand, at least not in a form we would call sand. But if you are going to go with the infinite universe theory, why not go with the infinite alternate Earths theory instead?"

"Oh! Good point! That one works much better --"

"I hate to interrupt such a mind-boggling, intelligent conversation," Alain said, coming back to the archway between the kitchen and dining room. "But I thought you would like to know there are a couple wackos heading for the door, Parka."

For the rest of the week. . . .

Let's talk about rudeness. We're all rude at one time or another. It's part of human nature. But there appears to be some people who go out of their way to annoy others. This week, a few people are upset that I created a chat room, on the site I own, called Zette's Crazed Writing Club. This one is strictly for those of us who love to write, who enjoy talking about writing, and who are often crazed when we write (no matter what the actual word count).

There are plenty of other chat rooms on the site so if the idea and name behind this room bothers you, feel free NOT to come into that one. Simple answer. Those of us who do go to the room will most likely be writing and enjoying ourselves. If that doesn't appeal to you, fine. Stop complaining to me and being rude about it. (Yes, another email today.)

End of that rant!

I accidentally startled my oldest cat, who leapt straight up and then down on my left hand, putting a claw through the lower part of the little finger. My, that's just so much fun for typing. It's better than it was, though! The swelling has mostly gone down.

We also had to have a huge old Maple taken down this week. The tree was lovely, but parts were dying and the neighbor began to rant. This, of course, cost us a lot of money we didn't have. It also means, no matter what, Russ won't be home for our anniversary again this year. Probably wouldn't have happened anyway, but there is always that little hope. (This will be our 33rd anniversary, by the way.)

So I am throwing myself into Camp NaNo and having fun. I get to write a fun novel and it's free. I'm not going to do something like the November NaNo counts, though!

Latest Release:

A low tech, backwater world and an easy assignment. What could go wrong for one of Inner World Council Security's top agents?
Humans hiding secrets are always dangerous.
Devlin's Team, File 1: Dancer

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Chris said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry your dh won't be home for it.

My dh & I just celebrated our 20th, also apart because my dh drives a bigrig. It was sad but at least we got to talk on the phone. I don't know how we'd do this without cell phones.