Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NaNo Day 1: 12,755

Just a quick post tonight before I crawl off to bed!  I did have a good first day despite several stops and starts.  Not the best first NaNo day I've ever had, but not bad at all.  So here is a bit from Beware the Wrath of Bunny Hopper.  Remember:  First draft.  Lots of mistakes, but still fun!

I rushed forward and in about five steps I had already spotted Brad with his back to a wall and a semi-circle of five people around him.  He had a sword in hand.  I didn't know he had any sword training, but he knew how to use it.  He couldn’t, however, hold off that many and there were others around as well. 

I didn't know what was going on here.  I didn't care.  Even if I could have called the police I still would have rushed in to help him.   

I didn't slow.  I leapt straight into the fray, startling Brad who started to swing and held back, though I had already ducked below the blow.  He made a sound of surprise, but I spun and kicked knocking one aside and then went for a second . . . and by the third my brain was starting to register that these things were not human. 

Beady eyes.  Mandibles.  Thick, dark covering that cracked when I hit it hard enough.  Bit mouth.  No neck.  Multiple legs. 

My brain kept cataloging what I saw while I helped Brad fight them back. 

Insects.  Huge, mutant insects.  It probably should have scared the hell out of me.  It probably would, later. 

Right now, I just kicked harder.  Good thing I'd been so well trained.  While part of my brain was screaming GIANT MUTANT INSECTS! that vicious inner bunny of mine had taken over the rest of it, including control of my body.  He didn't fear insects.  When they kept getting up, he just got annoyed and kicked harder.   

They backed off for a moment and I stepped closer to Brad.  He shook his head with worry, lowering the sword for a moment while he gasped for breath.  I spotted four dead insects here and a few more a ways off.  I thought he must have done very well so far.

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