Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smashwords book sale - last week!

First, we have reached the last few days of the Smashwords sale. All my books are half price and the short stories are free. This means you can have five novels and five shorter works all for less than $5. Only a few days remain on the sale, though! Leap in and get them now!

I am coming perilously close to putting out the first ACOA print book. This is a story for 9 to 12 year olds called Joey Mousekin's Tale. I've been working with Adobe InDesign CS5 to lay it out, and I have to say that even just learning a few minor pieces to the program has been great. I can't wait to do some of the other books as well. Next up is figuring out the Joomla section for selling online so I can do print books and such through it.

I am in the last quarter of Summer Storm and will have it done no later than this weekend, though I will give it at least one more read through. I think next up might be something from the science fiction stack. I'm not certain yet. I've considered doing a break from the rewrite/edit stuff, but it does seem to be going well, so I think I'll keep at it. I just need to make a decision on the next one.

What else? Lining up ideas for NaNo so I can get to work on outlines. Yay! I have an urban fantasy, and epic fantasy and a science fiction idea. Someone suggested romance in chat. I told her no and this is the reason. I wrote one book that I thought would be romance but I started out wrong with the guy as the POV. I introduced the female character and it was going well. Then I kind of took off in a different direction and forgot her. When I reread and found what I'd done, I decided there was only one thing I could do to save the story. I killed her and had him blamed. Kind of destroyed the romance feel there.

So no, I will not be doing romance again. I get the feeling I'm just not cut out for it.

I have way too much stuff to do. Really. I want to do the outlines, finish the books, learn more about programs and read several dozen books. Right now.

But it's after 2 in the morning, and I suspect I'm just about done for the day.

I've gotten quite a bit done, though, despite the 1001 things more I want to do!


K.D. said...

I <3 reading your post because you do so much, and you manage to still truly enjoy writing. Inspiring stuff :)

Zette said...

It's possible that if I had a life, I couldn't get half this stuff done, you know.