Saturday, June 18, 2011

The story behind Ada Nish Pura

From My Cover Art

I love writing science fiction. This probably looks odd from someone who has published so much fantasy and urban fantasy, and so little science fiction, in the past. However, my first love was always science fiction, and those were the tales I started with. I love epic tales and space opera, and even the hard science fiction if they have good characters.

So what took me so long to get something like Ada Nish Pura out? Well, the book has a long history, actually. It was my first big sale to an upcoming publisher who has since seemed to do well. The publisher loved the book. We talked about specific edits and I leapt into to do the work.

But no, the book never came out. Between the time I signed the contract and we went to work on the book, the focus of the publisher changed from 'adventure' science fiction to 'literary' science fiction. Over several very frustrating months of rewriting the first three chapters more than twenty times, I finally admitted that you cannot edit yourself into a literary writer. Either you are or you aren't.

We agreed to pull the book. I put it aside, disappointed and annoyed. And there it set for a long time. In fact, I pretty much stopped submitting any work at this point. Two other annoying print-related publishing problems came along in the years that followed. And they all kept driving me more and more towards becoming an Indie Author. This has been a long, difficult process, but here I am.

The release of Ada Nish Pura on Smashwords is a symbolic break from my old attitude because I had decided never to submit it again, which meant it would never reach any readers. But I liked the novel. The publisher had liked the novel. There was no reason for it not to go out and fly on its own and see if it might not draw some readers.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy the book.


Fighter Pilot Marcus Trevor is the only survivor of a treacherous attack against the star ship on which he served. Injured and alone, he must take refuge on the world of Kailani, a place of vast stretches of water and where a large portion of the population is genetically adapted to living in the sea.

With the enemy taking over this mineral rich world, Marcus must work with the locals while waiting for help to return. And it is here that he learns the true meaning of civilization and honor.

Ada = Decision

Nish = No

Pura = Return

Sometimes there is no going back.

Only $1.99 on Smashwords:

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