Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking ahead

I am down to the very last bit of Waiting for the Last Dance -- if I can get a chance to do it. Kind of busy day with other things going on. Then the book goes off to be edited and back to me to check over and finally it will be ready for publication. I have the cover art done -- I did that before I started editing this time.

But this brings me to the next problem. What novel shall I do next? I think it might be time to do one of the science fiction novels, but there are a few to choose from and I'm not sure yet which one might appeal most to me.

This, apparently, makes me different from a lot of other people. They see the end of a long project as a chance to sit back, relax and not think about writing. I see it as a chance to move on to something else fun.

We all know I love writing. I have written every day for several decades (I don't like to think about how many, to be honest). I have over 80 finished novels, well over 100 short stories and more than a few articles. (Yes, Vision is coming up. I am trying to get the funds together to pay for the articles! Had fun with Russ home, but, umm. . . costly.) I am enjoying getting the material out, and I think if I can get more notice, the sales will pick up again.

My 'artistic' side says the sales are not as important as finding the few readers who really enjoy the stories I write. My 'practical' side (which, granted, is kind of a squeaky, quiet little thing, only darting out of the shadows now and then), says that if I could find the way to market stuff, I wouldn't be here gnawing my fingernails and trying to figure out how to pay for contracted articles for Vision.

There has to be a balance here somewhere.

Then there is the last point. I have had a lousy last four-and-a-half years. Most of it has been because of things I had absolutely no control over. Writing is the one thing that I have held to since grade school and enjoyed when everything else went to hell. Kat Among the Pigeons is selling well (not great, but well), while it had been rejected by several agents. I had to weigh whether I wanted to keep sending it to agents or go to Indie publishing with it. There were far more agents out there whom I hadn't approached. I had faith the story would find a market eventually.

Eventually was not what I needed right now. I seriously needed a step forward in some way that was not related to Forward Motion or Vision -- not related to the things I do for other writers. I love them both, but I need to focus on my writing future for a while, too.

So, here I am. I have things out. I have more things almost ready to go out. I have several things in the lineup, and as soon as I find the time, they will go out. This is my future. I just need time to focus on it.

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