Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snippets and stuff

It's been one of those weeks. Not a horrible week, but one that just keeps getting skewed off in odd directions. My plan had been to use the rest of March to work on two projects, one the short story class for the Holly stuff, and the other a project for me and a few friends. I would love to do the project for me, quite honestly. Instead, as usual, I find myself doing everything but that. The last couple days it's been a reworking of the FM site. A major reworking, in fact, that is taking most of my days to work out and do. Other matters set me to do this, working out something that I hope will make it easier on the moderators.

It will probably be late April before I get back to my project. The class stuff should be done far sooner than that, unless I dump another entire plan. I don't know why this is giving me so much trouble. Maybe it was just this winter. It seemed a very long, dreary winter to me. I must be more positive now and get things done. Time to get a few more things out in submission and start the last edit on another novel. I think it's going to be Paid in Gold and Blood. The start needs work, but the story is interesting.

It's nearly midnight again, and time to start thinking about getting back to work on FM. I don't think it's going to be another six hour stretch of work. I'm too tired tonight. I want to go crawl off to sleep already!

Writing is going fine. In fact, now that I think about it, I even have a fun little scene to post. I did a snippet of this in chat. The set up is this. The two fey (Neelin and his female guard, Parklyn) have been somewhere they shouldn't have been and had to race back to their suite ahead of the guards. No time to change and clean up. They don't dare use magic, because the guards have charms. So here is what happens:

"In my room," Neelin said and propelled Parklyn through the door. He followed, closed the door -- not slammed, though. He had just enough sense not to do that.

"We can't hide --"

"Strip," he said and began to tear off his clothing.

"Wha --"

"Strip and into the bed! Now!"

Her eyes went wide, but her hands moved. They could hear the men on the stairs. No time. Clothes. Boots. All into piles and kicked to the bed and half under it. Parklyn had a scar from her right breast to her stomach. Neelin hadn't known. He tried not to stare.

No time. They got into bed, tearing at the blankets and sheets. She wrapped herself around him, nuzzled his neck -- and he grabbed hold of her and pulled her tight --

He'd even forgotten the guards for that brief moment before the door opened --

"What the hell!" Neelin shoutedd, truly enraged. He had expected at least a knock!

A human guard stood in the door, two of his men right behind him -- and Neelin could see the blush of red spread from his neck to his face. The guard stepped forward and looked around, but Neelin thought it was mostly just not to look at them. His companions were less embarrassed. Gray, standing just outside the door, had a hand to his mouth and was very plainly trying hard not to laugh. Lith, who must have come with the guards, had his mouth clamped shut and his own face red, but that came from trying not to laugh, he was sure.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Neelin finally demanded, grabbing at the sheet.

The guard seemed to find that much covering a little better. He gave a nod finally and swallowed. "Found your man down by the docks, sir. We thought -- we thought --"

"There's some law against him being down by the docks?" Parklyn asked. She sounded very annoyed and far more professional. She even reached down by the bed and grabbed her tunic. "We heard there was a Zatmen ship coming in. Why shouldn't he be there to see one of our allies come to port?"

"You heard?"

"Felt," Neelin said and then shrugged. "We try to be careful of human sensibilities --"

"Though obviously humans have fewer of those than I thought," Parklyn said with a look that could have turned a lesser man to stone.

"My apologies. But -- there are problems."

"Problems," Neelin repeated. Then he shook his head. "Can you hand me some clothing? Would you mind stepping out of the room for a moment, at least? I am a Lord of the Fey Court. I would like a little respect and privacy, if you don't mind."

The man looked around again, frowned a little, and stepped out, his people with him. The door closed.

Parklyn shoved him down, bent over, and kissed him.


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